Privacy Policy

Our studio complies with the Privacy Act 1998 and the Australian Privacy Principles 2014 and the privacy provisions of all applicable legislation.

When we collect personal information from an individual, we will only collect information that is necessary for our functions or activities.

We treat all information collected with security and confidentiality.

We will only disclose information in accordance with the Privacy Act. This means that personal information may be disclosed:

  • For the purposes for which we have described we are collecting it, and for related purposes that the individual would reasonably expect
  • Where we have the consent of the individual to do so
  • As required by law
  • Under other circumstances as permitted by the Act.

Our studio is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals. Any unauthorised disclosure of personal information by a staff member will be viewed as a serious breach of this policy. Appropriate action will be taken in such circumstances.

Individuals will have access to their personal information and are responsible for ensuring that it is up to date and accurate. This can be done via the online booking system at and the MindBody App, or via writing in email to¬†[email protected]

If you have any concerns of queries regarding this policy, please contact our studio directly via email.