Frequently asked questions

What do I wear and bring to class?

Wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in – think activewear. Bring a water bottle and towel if needed.

We provide mats and equipment at the studio – you are welcome to BYO mat if you prefer.

How do I book and pay for classes?

There are several easy and convenient ways to do this!

We recommend downloading the MindBody App on your phone and then once you’ve created an account – search for leaf+bird wellbeing and you can view the schedule, purchase passes and manage your class bookings and account easily from your phone anytime!

Get the Mindbody app

Alternatively, you can book in and pay conveniently online via our website, on the timetable & bookings page.

We can also take payments in person at the studio – please arrive 10 minutes prior to class to allow time to process payments – and bear in mind that places are limited to it is best to book ahead to reserve your spot in class!

I have or have recently had an injury/illness. Can I attend yoga or pilates classes?

We recommend you contact our Studio Manager, Lauren at [email protected] with your queries. Lauren is a qualified physiotherapist, yoga and pilates instructor. She will be able to discuss your concerns, and help you decide whether classes are an appropriate and safe option for you, or if you should undertake rehabilitation or seek medical advice first.

Your health and safety are a priority for us!

Can men do yoga/pilates? A lot of classes seem to be for women only?

Yes! – yoga and pilates are for everyone – no matter their gender.
Our classes are mixed and open to all people who would like to participate.

What payment methods are available?

We accept Mastercard and Visa payments both online and at the studio.

Please note we do not accept cash or cheques.

How do I see my attendance/manage my account?

If you are using the Mindbody App on your phone – you can view your profile, class schedule, purchase and payments in the app.

If you are using our website – use the My Account button on the timetable & bookings page (top righthand side) to log into your account to view and manage your profile, class schedule and payments.

You can email enquiries about your account to [email protected]

Can I claim rebates from my private health insurance for yoga/pilates?

Historically some health insurance policies have provided rebates for yoga and Pilates classes. As of the 1st April 2019 the Department of Health reforms for private health insurance will result in yoga and Pilates no longer being eligible for funding from private health insurance companies.

So in short, no, our classes are not rebatable.

Who can attend your classes? It is appropriate for adolescents? What about pregnancy?

Our classes are inclusive and mixed levels. You can view these details in the class schedule.

Our classes are appropriate for ages 15+ and there is no upper age limit. You do need to be able to get on/off the floor to participate in our classes, but you certainly don’t need to be young, fit or flexible to attend! Any student under 18years attending the studio will be required to sign a parental consent form prior to attending.

We do not currently offer children’s yoga – but we hope to in the future!

If you are pregnant – we advise that you first seek medical clearance from your doctor. If you had a regular pilates or yoga practice prior to becoming pregnant you will most likely be able to attend our classes, and will be advised to modify exercises as appropriate by your instructor (or doctor/physio).

We will be offering prenatal yoga classes from mid 2019, which will be tailored towards the special needs of pregnancy. Contact us to register your interest and find out more.