COVID19 Protocols

At leaf+ bird wellbeing the health and safety of our clients, staff and community is of paramount importance to us.
We have specific cleaning and hygiene protocols in place for the protection of our clients and staff during the COVID19 pandemic. All staff are trained in this protocol and will ensure that it is implemented during all classes at the studio. Please take a few moments to read through the protocol so you are familiar with your responsibilities for keeping everyone safe during class.

We will always operate according to the Victorian state restrictions regarding COVID19, so this protocol may change at any time to remain in line with restrictions.

If you have any questions you can always ask us!

Please note that we will not provide use of mats or bolsters during the pandemic. All clients must bring their OWN MATS and water bottle to EVERY class until we notify otherwise. We also recommend bringing a gym towel if you tend to run hot. We require everyone to maintain social distance of 1.5m whilst in the studio, and we will be limiting classes to 8 attendees maximum, to ensure sufficient space per person. It will be important to reserve your place ahead of time. And of course, if you feel unwell at all you must cancel your booking and seek medical care. We reserve the right to turn away anyone presenting with symptoms of COVID19.

Before Class

  • Book online via our website or the Mindbody App on your phone
  • Remember to bring your own (BYO) yoga mat and water bottle
  • Upon entering the studio you must remove your shoes
  • Use hand sanitiser thoroughly
  • Quickly move to the studio space and set up on your mat whilst respecting social distancing – don’t hang in the doorway or crowd others
  • If you feel unwell, however mild, cancel your booking and seek medical advice. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND if unwell.

During Class

  • Set up on your mat spaced out at least 1.5m away from your classmates (instructors will assist with this)
  • Note that teachers will not provide hands-on assists during the pandemic
  • Cough / sneeze must be covered by a tissue / elbow and hand sanitiser used immediately
  • Courtesy to your classmates must be observed at all times – please maintain required social distancing
  • ASK the instructor if you need help or are unsure about cleaning and hygiene during the session

At the end of class

  • Please pack up all your belongings and exit promptly respecting social distancing
  • Use hand sanitiser on departure
  • Please exit in a timely manner so that we can clean the studio

When to Cancel your Attendance

  • If you have had contact with a suspected or confirmed COVID19 case, or you have recently travelled internationally, you MUST NOT attend class for at least 14 days and be symptom-free in that time
  • If you are unwell in any way (cough, sore throat, fever, upper respiratory symptoms) DO NOT attend class – seek medical care and only return to classes when you have medical clearance to do so (and have evidence of a negative test for COVID19)
  • Cancel your booking at least 2hrs prior to attending to avoid cancellation fees. You can do this via your Mindbody app, or text 0402983360 requesting to cancel.
  • If you are unsure about how to behave in class, how to manage your cleaning responsibilities or your personal health and safety whilst attending classes, please contact us with your queries: [email protected]