B.Physio (Hons)

Lauren is a practicing physiotherapist with a passion for yoga, health and wellbeing. She feels there is a strong and natural synergy between physiotherapy and yoga, and enjoys the ongoing learning that yoga practice offers.

After many years of personal practice Lauren completed a 200hr yoga teacher training certificate, and also Level 1 and 2 Yoga Therapy certificates in 2017. She draws from her training in both fields to offer holistic and caring healthcare to her patients.

Lauren’s classes are balanced, and encourage internal reflection. She asks her students to develop self awareness and self respect so that they can practice safely. Lauren always offers levels and an “opt-in” approach to poses and movements, so students can work at their own level.

Lauren also offers physiotherapy consultations for yoga practitioners who wish to workshop or modify their physical practice, or resume yoga after injury or surgery, or who are new to yoga and wish to develop basic skills prior to attending classes.


B.Psych (Hons), M.Psych

Alicia first became drawn to yoga over 10 years ago after experiencing its transformative power on her physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. She likened the feeling to ‘arriving home.’ It was her passion to share this gift with others that led her to complete her Hatha Teacher Training in India, in 2012.

Alicia is also a Psychologist and thus, approaches her classes from a holistic perspective, seeking to nourish the entire ‘self’ and to facilitate a space for mind-body healing. Her classes are strong, slow and foster the connection between movement and breath in order to create awareness and space. She strives to leave you feeling nurtured, replenished, balanced and more mindful to live a healthy life.

Finally, Alicia strongly believes in the capacity for yoga to aid in injury prevention and to support people in feeling positive about what their bodies can do in a world where there is growing emphasis on how we physically appear.



Raylene is a trained nurse who enjoys outdoor activities as well as yoga! Introduced to yoga in 2011, she quickly noticed the benefits of increased awareness and concentration at work, then went on to study yoga, graduating in 2017 at Gita International in Melbourne.

Raylene believes that yoga is 50% physical and 50% psychological, and that it is a journey of non-judgement, self-discovery, self-respect and self-trust.

Raylene teaches Gita Hatha Yoga, which includes breath work to energize, limbering to soften and prepare the body, the yoga postures to restore balance which focus on the endocrine system and relaxation to synthesize the body, mind and spirit.

Raylene believes you don’t have to be flexible or ‘fit’ to do yoga, but simply have the desire to achieve.


Dip. Counselling, Dip. Meditation

Helen has completed a diploma of Holistic Living Counselling, a diploma of Meditation Teacher Training and a postgraduate qualification in Family Therapy Systems. She has vast experience working with people of all ages and lifestyles, delivering meditation and mindfulness classes and workshops to help people improve their overall wellbeing.

Helen comes with recognition as an expert in her field, she is an executive member of the Drug Advisory Board of Australia (DACA) and works with people who are recovering from addiction. She has worked for the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies as a Meditation Teacher Coach and Counsellor for many years, and also operates a private counselling practice. She works alongside Psychologist Julianna Bonola of Changemakers Counselling and Psychology, and Chinese Practitioner Marcello D’Intini. Helen also facilitates a series of children’s mindfulness groups.

Helen is passionate about offering a holistic approach wellbeing for adults, children and teachers. In Helen’s classes you will enjoy a combination of supportive communication, relaxation and breath work, and guided visualisations to assist a mindful and peaceful meditation. A wonderful counter the the stresses of busy life.



When Matthew discovered yoga it was like finding a long lost friend. It happened in June 2017 when he was inspired to learn to handstand. Over the next six months he started gymnastics and yoga. The more he learnt about yoga, the more he admired its complexity and completeness. In March 2018 he completed a 200 hour residential Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga training course in India.

Matthew finds yoga to be a beautiful discipline to explore the mind and body. As a physiotherapist since 2012, he enjoys combining the traditional knowledge of yoga with modern healthcare approaches. He encourages students to gain awareness within their body during classes and apply their improved fitness in everyday life.

Most of all, yoga has brought Matthew so much fun and freedom. He teaches Vinyasa yoga which moves the body seamlessly between positions in dynamic and clever ways. He invites students of all levels to experience their body's potential. Join Matthew in an enjoyable and energetic yoga practice.