About Us

We are a team of qualified healthcare professionals who branch across multiple disciplines. We believe that the best approach to health is a holistic one – where you, the client, are informed and empowered. The current medical system tends to focus on resolving injury or illness but fails to fully restore a patient to health. At Leaf + Bird Wellbeing we aim to help you continue your health journey all the way to recovery, by providing a range of services delivered by professionals who understand where you've come from, and who can help you reach your health goals safely and effectively.

Good health isn't a spontaneous state, but rather it is the outcome of a way of living that is balanced, intentional and constantly fostered. We aim to provide you with skills, knowledge and experiences you can use to foster your own health.

Leaf+Bird Wellbeing offers active and caring yoga, pilates and meditation delivered by healthcare professionals. All our staff are practicing healthcare professionals, who understand the complexities of health and human wellbeing, from both modern and traditional viewpoints.

Our aim is to deliver quality yoga, pilates and meditation services to our local community. We aim to provide a high standard of care that ensures our clients can participate with confidence, in safety and with professionals who understand their needs.

For clients recovering from injury or illness, we liaise with treating healthcare providers where required to ensure clear clients are cared for and safe in classes. We welcome enquiries and referrals to our services from providers looking for a safe place for their patients to participate in  yoga, pilates and meditation classes.

Leaf+Bird Wellbeing has a friendly and caring atmosphere where education is paramount and there are no silly questions. It is a place where you can find a path towards health, create balance in your life and connect with people who can help you achieve wellness.

About the Founders

Leaf+Bird Wellbeing was founded by physiotherapists Lauren Broomhall and Mayur Jivanjee. After several years working together in private physiotherapy practice together, they found that there was a gap in the services they were offering their clients - traditional physiotherapy and exercise rehabilitation was helpful for many clients, but did not always offer a broader holistic approach. When they researched in the local area, they couldn't find options that offered quality health and wellbeing services delivered by people they could trust to take care of their clients. Over many lunchtime conversations about how to bridge this gap between western medicine and eastern traditional health practices, Leaf+Bird Wellbeing was born.

Lauren is a qualified yoga instructor and physiotherapist at Thompsons Road Physiotherapy. She is a regular yoga practitioner and often weaves yoga concepts and exercises into her  physio treatments and pilates classes. For Lauren, the synergy between physiotherapy and yoga practice is very natural - creating Leaf+Bird Wellbeing has allowed her to explore ways in which she can offer her physiotherapy clients the benefits of yoga practice, as well as sharing her physiotherapy skills with the broader community.

Mayur is a senior clinician at Thompsons Road Physiotherapy. Over his many years of experience he has come to recognise that an individual is a sum of their parts - when a client presents with a problem, taking a holistic and balanced approach to treatment is paramount. Mayur recognises that yoga and meditation offer tools for clients to connect with their body and mind, reduce stress and develop practical skills for self management. Leaf+Bird Wellbeing is a space where Mayur can combine modern physiotherapy practice with traditional eastern practices to help his patients recover better, and move to long term wellbeing.